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Reputation System

Post by Samantha on 9/2/2012, 5:28 am

  • Reputationsystem
From a post count of 100 AND a value of at least 750 points (votes / votes). There can be up to 10 votes per user per day will be released in messages or in a profile.

  • Per negative vote : - 1 point
  • Per positive vote : + 1 point
  • Using the "Thanks" button an extra credit will be rewarded: + 3 points
Extra points and/or emblems can be rewarded by forum staff through continuous positive contribution to this site by a member, such as the greeting every new member, staying nice in chat, helping others, contributing by adopting a member or signing up for a special role on the site. The hight of the donation will not be pre-determined and will be met by consulting forum staff in advance.



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